About the Veterans Memorial Park & Museum

The Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Dixon, Illinois, is dedicated to all veterans of military service, whether local or distant, during peace or war. We celebrate and honor all veterans who have served the United States and sworn to uphold the Constitution and the principles that guarantee our freedom.

Founded on September 10th, 2001, the park has built up a collection of monuments and artifacts to tell our veterans’ stories and enshrine their memories. Our artifacts include a 105mm Howitzer, a ship’s anchor, an M60 main battle tank, a Cobra helicopter, an M-725 Kaiser Jeep ambulance, and an F-105D Thunderchief fighter-bomber.

The Veterans Memorial Park has big plans for the future, including the construction of a museum to display our many military artifacts donated by service members and their families, with artifacts dating back to the Civil War. The early stages of museum renovation have already begun with a building adjacent to the park, with much more to come in the next few years. Any monetary or artifact donations to help us progress are very much appreciated!

The Park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no admission fee, though donations are welcome and can be made with PayPal or Venmo, or deposited in donation boxes at the kiosks or given to park commissioners when the HHC building is open from 12pm-4pm Saturdays and Sundays plus Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.