Legacy Stones

Legacy Stones

The Veterans Memorial Park proudly features Legacy Stones honoring supporters of the park and the service of veterans, lining our walkways with their names and dates of service or any messages of support for our mission and the mission of our service members. Each stone is made of a 12″ square granite tile 2″ thick and placed in a dedication ceremony the second Sundays of June and October.

If you or a friend or family member is interested in permanently commemorating a loved one or showing your support for the park, this is a great way to do so. Legacy Stone donors may also include information about recipients to be memorialized in our historical registry of each stone, ensuring that the recipients’ stories are remembered in perpetuity. All proceeds go toward the construction and maintenance of the park, allowing us to provide this beautiful public space to honor our veterans.


“Now he will never be forgotten.”
“We’re so glad to be able to pay this tribute to our parents while they’re alive.”
“This was the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”
“He made us promise that if anything ever happened to him, we’d get him a Legacy Stone.”

Legacy Stone Application

Upon a tax-deductible payment of $365 for a Legacy Stone, an application should be filled out with up to three rows of up to twenty characters per row to be display on each stone. Applications are available at the Veterans Memorial Park or can be downloaded below. Applications will need to be submitted by April 15th for a June dedication ceremony or August 15th for an October dedication ceremony.

Download Legacy Stone Application

Payment Plans

If $365 feels like a lot at one time, we get it! Let us know you’re interested in a payment plan and you can start with just $65 and pay the rest interest and tax free within the next year. Keep in mind that full payment is required before the stone application is submitted, though, and will need to be completed by March 1st for a June dedication ceremony or August 1st for an October dedication ceremony.

Download Legacy Stone Payment Plan Application